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Welcome to Texas’ premier source for information about oil and gas production in every Railroad Commission District statewide. All daily lease and well production data has been compiled into integrated resource books – 24 volumes and directories in all - and is easily available in one place. Nash Books has served the industry for decades and continues to provide the most accurate and up-to-date reports on every aspect of business – from daily production statistics and number of wells flowing, to the gravity of the crude, well depth and everything in between.

Those in the know have used Nash Books since its inception. Those learning the business have pored over the valuable information contained within these pages. They are the first stop and the last word on the oil and gas industry in the Lone Star State.

Order one, or the whole set. Or opt for a flexible subscription and enjoy a 15% savings.

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  Texas Oil Books   TEXAS OIL BOOKS
6 months of oil production for every operator in the RRC Districts.
  Texas Gas Books   TEXAS GAS BOOKS
6 months of gas production for every operator in the RRC Districts.
  Texas Statewide Directory   TEXAS STATEWIDE DIRECTORY
Comprehensive list of oil and gas operators in Texas.
  Texas Officer Reference   TEXAS OFFICER REFERENCE
Review history of potential partners before entering into a business relationship.
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