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The Nash Books are the Quickest Source for Oil & Gas Production Information. They are source publications that provide concise, accurate daily lease and well production information for each operator in every Railroad Commission District throughout Texas. The production data books provide a ready reference for operators, acquisition managers, royalty owners, consultants, banks, tax appraisers, service companies and consultants…a must for every salesman in the oil patch.

There are 24 volumes, which separately cover gas production and oil production for each Railroad Commission District. They may be purchased as a complete set or individually. The Nash Books also publishes a Texas Statewide Directory and a four-volume Office Cross Reference Directory. The books are sold on a per book basis, thereby providing the option of purchasing the publication that is needed, but only as often as need demands it – every six months or once a year. Either way, you are ensured accurate, up-to-date information that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

A subscription service is available for those who would like to receive the books on a regular schedule. The subscription basis entitles the buyer to a 15% discount.

The books can be carried in a brief case or vehicle for easy reference. In the acquisition process, some operators use the Nash Books to run quick production checks to determine profitability and potential acquisitions. Some take them to oil and gas property auctions for the same purpose. Still others take the books to help them “package” possible acquisitions.

Engineers have used the books to spot production anomalies from lease to lease – to see if a neighboring lease is performing better or worse. If a neighboring lease is performing better, the operator may be doing something he needs to know about. If it’s worse, the lease may be a candidate for acquisition and upside potential.

Other uses for the production data are to help service companies, gas gathers, and disposal well operators to identify and qualify potential new customers, and for banks, tax appraisers and royalty owners to verify production.


Founded in 1982 by Clarence Nash of Austin, Texas, the books, which utilize Texas Railroad Commission records, are widely used in the oil and gas industry as a production and demographic reference source which lists both gas and oil production data by operator, county, field and lease.

In 1994, Petroleum Strategies, Inc. of Midland, Texas, founded by Dale Brown and his son, Cary, acquired Nash Books and relocated the publishing business to Midland. Under the direction of Mike Banas, the Nash Books became a mail order business, launching a concerted marketing program to make the industry more familiar with the books and their many uses. Dale Brown, president of Petroleum Strategies, expected the circulation of the books, which are updated every six months, to increase significantly once the industry fully understood how useful and convenient it is to use the books.

In 2003, Tom Reed became the manager of The Nash Books, which continued to grow as a subsidiary of Petroleum Strategies, Inc. In 2010, Mr. Reed acquired The Nash Books and relocated to Odessa, Texas. Though the Nash Books and Petroleum Strategies are separate entities, the relationship continues through collaboration on various projects throughout the year.



  Texas Oil Books   TEXAS OIL BOOKS
6 months of oil production for every operator in the RRC Districts.
  Texas Gas Books   TEXAS GAS BOOKS
6 months of gas production for every operator in the RRC Districts.
  Texas Statewide Directory   TEXAS STATEWIDE DIRECTORY
Comprehensive list of oil and gas operators in Texas.
  Texas Officer Reference   TEXAS OFFICER REFERENCE
Review history of potential partners before entering into a business relationship.
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