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The Texas Gas Book contains the following information for each lease of every operator in the RRC Districts:

  • Field
  • Formation
  • Lease Number
  • County
  • Allowable Code or Status
  • Last 6 Months' Gas Production
  • Last 6 Months' Lease Liquids
  • Gas Gatherer
  • Liquids Gatherer
  • Month and Year Completed
  • Depth of Well
  • Percentage of Time Well Produced Past 6 Months

Texas Gas Books  
  Texas Oil Books   TEXAS OIL BOOKS
6 months of oil production for every operator in the RRC Districts.
  Texas Gas Books   TEXAS GAS BOOKS
6 months of gas production for every operator in the RRC Districts.
  Texas Statewide Directory   TEXAS STATEWIDE DIRECTORY
Comprehensive list of oil and gas operators in Texas.
  Texas Officer Reference   TEXAS OFFICER REFERENCE
Review history of potential partners before entering into a business relationship.
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